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Balancing cardio in your workout

After solely focusing on hypertrophy training, Tommy has grown bored with his workout routine and is starting to lose motivation. He feels the need for new challenges and a fresh workout that can breathe new life into his routine.


Tommy begins to think and daydream as he contemplates what to do. He desires a new goal, feeling healthier and better, but still aiming to maintain his health.


Tommy watches a few YouTube videos showcasing various training styles, including strength, calisthenics, cardio, and endurance training. An advertisement pops up on one of the last YouTube videos, promoting a 10-kilometer run happening in Brussels.


Tommy contemplates signing up, realizing he has never run a race and lacks significant cardio endurance. Two days later, his personal trainer checks in with Tommy, offering a new program due to high demand from clients. Tommy shares that he has lost some motivation and is seeking something new.


The personal trainer suggests a call to discuss a new program involving strength training and cardio. Tommy finds it interesting and mentions considering a 10-kilometer run. The personal trainer encourages him to sign up, assuring him they can get him in shape before the event. Tommy reveals the run is in three months.


The personal trainer convinces Tommy to sign up, providing him with a new training plan involving running twice weekly, gradually increasing the distance. The plan also includes weekly strength training to maintain muscle mass while reducing it slightly.

One month before the race, Tommy has progressed to 6 minutes per kilometer, maintaining a good pace without getting completely out of breath. He reflects on his improvement and notes better breathing capacity.


However, Tommy experienced knee pain a week later. Concerned, he contacts his personal trainer, who advises him to rest for two weeks, avoiding leg exercises. Tommy worries about setbacks but follows the advice.


After the rest period, Tommy gradually resumes running, focusing on easing back without worrying about time. His knee feels great, and he notices the positive effects of the rest.


Days later, he pushes himself on a run and sees his time reduced to 7 minutes and 30 seconds. The personal trainer cautions him to avoid overextending to protect his still-fragile knee.

On race day, Tommy takes it easy in the last week to prevent knee issues. At the start line, he is prepared with his goodie bag. The gun sounds, signaling the start, and Tommy, fueled by competitive instinct, runs faster, finishing the race in 58 minutes and 43 seconds.

Three months later, Tommy continues running 6 kilometers once a week to maintain his cardio, feeling better and less prone to getting easily out of breath.

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