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The realization of the need of recovery

Tommy has stayed consistent and trained for a while and has begun to feel a bit tired in his body. He also started feeling tight in his muscles. Tommy has made good progress over the last few months and consistently increased the load.

Tommy is feeling very good and has gained a better understanding of how he should train and live a healthy lifestyle.

In the following days, it was finally the weekend, and Tommy began to clean his apartment. As he was drying off all surfaces for dust, he was halfway through cleaning his apartment when he dropped the cloth on the floor. He could immediately feel that his hamstrings were tight and he was not that flexible.

He picked up the cloth from the floor and continued cleaning. When he finished cleaning, he packed his gym bag and went to the gym. At the entrance, he saw a group of ladies and a few men with a mat. One of the guys asked Tommy if he was also joining the yoga class, and Tommy was not sure about what to answer and said no.

The guy told him it is very good to loosen up muscles and increase flexibility. But Tommy didn’t buy it and thought it was something for women and not men. 

Tommy walked into the locker room to change and get ready for his workout. Tommy came back out to the entrance and could see the group had disappeared. He moved over to the warm-up area and began to slowly warm up. He could feel that he was a bit sore and stiff from the last workout.

About to take the first step, he could really feel that the movement was not the same as it has usually been.

He saw the guy who spoke to him at the entrance across the gym through the door to the group class room. Tommy realized that the guy was quite flexible, which he was told. Tommy continued working out, and as he was about to finish his session, he saw the yoga class was done.

Tommy stopped his shoulder press exercise and walked over to the instructor to ask about the yoga class.

The yoga instructor told Tommy that he could try a class for free, and the next class is tomorrow morning.

Tommy asked if they had an open spot, and the yoga instructor answered he was able to join.

Tommy went home and still felt a bit hesitant to show up for the class, but he carried on in his day. The next day, Tommy showed up for the yoga class and felt a bit awkward. He went to the back row in hopes no one would look at him.

The yoga class began, and Tommy felt it was quite easy movement until he got further in where the stretches and poses got even deeper, and he would lose his balance and feel the tightness in his muscles.

After they finished the class, he felt pretty good and looser in his muscles. He felt that he could move more again, and there came more energy to his muscles. Tommy signed up for more yoga classes, which over the next month improved his flexibility and reduced tightness drastically.

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