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Stay healthy at social events

Tommy woke up at 4:00 in the morning to pack his clothes, as he is traveling for a wedding in southern France. He is putting his dress shoes and suit in his suitcase, also packing training clothes to do a workout at the hotel.

He got into the shower and quickly grabbed some food before he left his apartment to go to the airport. Tommy’s flight will depart at 6:00 am, and he’s calling for a taxi with 1 hour to go.

As he is going to the airport, he is thinking that he might not be able to keep eating healthy while being at the wedding, as he cannot manage what food he will get. He could maybe skip his healthy eating this weekend.

Tommy got to the airport, and the taxi driver looked at him and asked, “Are you nervous?” Tommy answered, “No, I am just overthinking how I should eat healthy at the wedding. Also, I stopped drinking.”

The taxi driver responded, “When you are served a welcome drink, don’t drink it, but take it and cheer with everyone else.”

“That is a good idea. Thank you for the advice,” says Tommy.


Tommy woke up the next day and quickly went to the gym again before he had to be at the church. As he was driving to the church, he noticed the view of the nature on his way on a sunny day in southern France.

He greeted all the other people and received a small bag of rice. He went into the church and found a place to sit in the back. After the church, they went to a vineyard to celebrate the wedding, and as they arrived, all the guests were served a welcome drink. Tommy was very nervous about what other people would say when nothing would leave his glass.

Tommy was trying to think about something else as he was talking to some of the other guests, and then the first cheer came, and an old lady said to Tommy she didn’t really drink and usually threw it out. As they all were lifting their glass, Tommy noticed the old lady waited for everyone to put the glass on their lips, as she would toss the drink over her shoulder and smiled at him.

Tommy took a deep breath, and he felt he could finally relax. He emptied the glass and put it on a tray. Throughout the evening, he felt comfortable to show he didn’t consume any unhealthy food, as he didn’t feel alone, and the old lady had shown him the confidence to do so.

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