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Tommy enjoys going to the gym and has stayed consistent for a year. He has begun to talk with some of the other people in his local gym in Brussels, who have trained for years.

One day, he asks another guy called Tim, who has trained for 9 years, about what he did to lose fat and start getting more gains, as Tommy has begun to plateau and wants to lose the last fat. Tim tells Tommy that when he began drinking protein shakes and creatine, it helped a lot, and he would eat as he desired. But a few months before summer, he would start cutting down his calories to lose fat.


Tommy asks if it would be better to eat better in general, and the guy, after his bench press set, says that it is hard to stay consistent with the diet, and he would like to eat as he wants.

Tommy returns home before going to work to shower and thinks he doesn’t want to cut and follow a strict diet. He feels demotivated and cannot see how he will lose the last fat.


When Tommy gets home from work, he texts the personal trainer who had helped him and asks what supplements and diet he suggests to continue progressing and lose the last fat.


The personal trainer asks Tommy what his goals are and if he wants to get bigger. Tommy answers that he just wants to get more muscular and leaner.


The personal trainer tells Tommy that he doesn’t need to go into a cut and do supplements, as it is more about what he eats during the day. Cutting typically requires a complete flip of your diet and changing all your habits, but it is not sustainable over the long term.


Tommy begins to understand the difference and agrees with the personal trainer that he wants long-term benefits and doesn’t want to seek short-term solutions.


Tommy hangs up the phone and analyzes his patterns daily. The following day, he grabs a notebook and lists the times he will eat something or feel hungry. After a few days, he noticed that he tended to feel like eating a croissant on his way home and sometimes would buy it.


Tommy realizes he’s always going the same direction home, which passes the croissant place, even though he could take another route that bears the same time. Tommy also notices that he usually craves something sweet around that time.


If he feels hungry, he brings a banana to work as something to eat. On his way home, he just walks outside the office and begins to feel hungry, so he eats his banana.


One month later, Tommy eats a piece of fruit on his way home and has yet to eat any croissants. He is now looking into other habits he can begin to tackle and change to continue improving his health.

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