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Social benefits of getting in shape

One day, Tommy was training in the gym in Brussels and signed up for boxing classes. He was talking to the instructor and mentioned he has a busy schedule as he sometimes travels and has to drive long distances for work as he is the head of marketing for a big company in Brussels. Tommy was unsure if he could still train and consistently attend boxing classes.


The instructor looked at Tommy and said, “I am sure you will be able to fit it into your schedule and combine everything.”


First, Tommy did not think more about it and just continued his day.


As he went to work, Tommy’s boss called him to his office to do a small task and looked at Tommy when he said, “I can see you work out, so I am sure you can manage to get it done today.”

Tommy began to realize that the personal trainer had not just helped him get in shape and better health but also received respect and trust from peers as they upfront believed he could do it due to his physics.


Tommy began to reflect on why people thought that way and was thinking back to when he started training. He realized that he had to figure out how to enjoy the process and be consistent with something that would ultimately give him results. He had long and slow tasks before anything would happen, but as he stayed consistent, he experienced a better customer response, leading to better results.


Tommy got the mental fortitude he needed to keep working through long, dragging tasks that yielded no results.


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