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How to reignite your motivation

Three months passed after Tommy finished working with the personal trainer, who helped him start working out. One evening, Tommy is standing in his living room and looking out the window. It is a dark and quiet evening in autumn. He watches the cars going back and forth on the street, and his eyes slowly move to the local gym. He can see through the window people running and the treadmills and realizes he has not gone to the gym in the last month.


Tommy is thinking about why he suddenly stopped going to the gym and can remember that he had a busy week at work and did not have the time to go to the gym and do his workout. But Tommy did not feel good about it and that he had now lost everything he had worked for in the last couple of months. The following week, getting back on track was even more challenging. Tommy felt it did not matter anymore as he had already skipped one week, and the disappointment for not staying consistent kept him away.

Tommy decided to send the personal trainer a message and texted him, “What are you doing?”


The personal trainer replied, “I’m good. How is your training going?”


Tommy answered he had stopped training. Which lets the personal trainer ask how come?


Tommy explained that he felt demotivated and had been busy working, so he could not go to the gym every day as he wanted.

The personal trainer asked if you have considered reducing the workouts to 2-3 times a week to make it fit your schedule better.


Tommy answered he had not thought about it, but it might be better. He could do 1 day of swimming and 2 workouts a week.


A few days later, Tommy still had not managed to get to the gym, but when he came home, he received a message from the personal trainer asking if he had managed to plan his week.


Tommy answered that he did not have time to go to the gym this week.


The personal trainer suggested he could save time going to the gym and do a home workout instead.


Tommy immediately switched to training clothes and began doing some push-ups and sit-ups.

By the end of the week, the personal trainer reached out to hear how it was going.


Tommy was on cloud nine as he managed to workout regardless of his busy schedule. He expressed his gratitude to the personal trainer for helping him find an alternative.

Two months later, Tommy is staying consistent and feeling great. Tommy has finally found a schedule that works for him and doesn’t limit him to one location. Tommy can already feel the benefits as he sleeps better and feels more energized during his day. Having one day where he goes to the gym, one day for swimming, and doing a home workout a week helps free up the schedule a lot.


Tommy is no longer limited to showing up to the gym as he can be flexible with his schedule and switch between a gym workout and a home workout.

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