Coach Jesper – Perform Like An Athlete

Episode 14

Why You Are Feeling Tired & How To Boost Your Energy

Episode 13

Use Rehab Exercises To Improve Your Fitness

episode 12

Should You Go On A Carnivore Or Vegan Diet

episode 11

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

episode 10

Regain Your Focus

episode 9

Train Like An Athlete

episode 8

Why You Should Have A Hybrid Training Style

episode 7

Move for A Lifetime

episode 6

Stay Hydrated To Perform

episode 5

The Danger of Sitting At A Desk The Whole Day

episode 4

What I Discovered In Developing Great Habits

episode 3

How To Maintain A Healthy Diet

episode 2

How To Optimize Your Schedule To Get More Time

episode 1

Optimize Recovery To Improve Your Performance

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