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30 minute cardo everyday for 30-day challenge

Tommy watches YouTube in the evening after work to wind down, as it has been a long day at work and he needs a mental break before doing anything else. As he watches the videos, he comes across a video titled “30-days challenge” and clicks on it.

The video is about a fitness guy who is doing a 30-day challenge, where he has to do 30 minutes of extra cardio every day for 30 days in a row. The guy in the video talks about his experience; after a few days, he becomes more hungry and feels fatigue setting in. If you manage to increase your food intake as the days progress, it is easier to control the energy levels and have the energy to do the cardio.

In the middle of the video, the guy challenges people watching to take on the challenge and give it a go to work on their cardio.

At first, Tommy thinks it is crazy and very exhausting, and wonders how he will get time for going for an extra run every day, but he also realizes he still has time in the evening.

By the end of the video, the guy gives a few suggestions on how to go through the challenge, mentioning that you don’t need to go all out but rather take a light tempo that is sustainable. Also, remember to eat more food from the beginning. Add more vegetables and fruit to your diet so you get a sufficient amount of calories, as you will burn through calories.

The next day, Tommy comes home from work and puts his running shoes on to start the first day of the challenge. He keeps a slow tempo and doesn’t go full speed to ensure that he will be ready for the next couple of days. He comes back from the run and says to himself, “Okay, I’m doing this.”

After a few days, Tommy really begins to feel the fatigue setting in and that he is getting super hungry. Even though he manages to increase his food intake, he still finds himself beginning to eat a lot of ice cream as well.

Despite all the running, he notices that he can stay away from ice cream for at least 3 days, but on the weekends he will eat a lot of ice cream and gain 3 kilos. Surprisingly enough, he will also lose 3 kilos in the following days.

After running for 30 days, it is finally over for Tommy. He feels so happy to finally be done with the challenge but actually feels that he has come in better shape. Even though Tommy doesn’t feel as hungry anymore, he still finds himself eating a lot of ice cream and has a hard time kicking it.

Tommy tries over a few months different ways to stop craving so much ice cream, and finally gets to it by adding a bit of fruit every day, which satisfies his sweet tooth.

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